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I don’t think Annie said that she was moving on from Jeff.
The point of the speech was that we have no rights to question other people’s desires, whatever they might be. That guy loved his computer, who were they to question it? If Jeff wanted to move on from Greendale and marry Britta, Annie would accept it because she cares about him and wants him to be happy. It was not Annie “giving up” on Jeff, it was Annie realizing that when you care about someone you have to put their happiness before your own. It was Annie saying that Jeff deserved to be happy and embrace his desires, and if marrying Britta made him happy, he had her blessing.

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I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY. i was so confused when everyone started talking about annie “moving on” from jeff. i think it’s the opposite, she loves him SO MUCH that she’s okay with his decisions, even if those decisions mean they don’t get together.

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I think Annie was also speaking for herself, something like “Even if you think you’d be bad for me Jeff, it’s not up to you who I want.”

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Some of you Community fans were brave enough to put out self-pics or videos, so I thought I’d try to be brave too.

In real life I am a grumpy old man.


Some random thoughts and what I’d like to see next year.

1. This is Jeff returning to where he started, “having changed,” which I believe is the final point on Dan’s story circle.  I am interested to see what he thinks should happen next.

2. I want Jeff/Annie given real development, by that I mean an actual romantic relationship.  I was more than pleased with the milady/milord scene.  However, I don’t think the writers can futz around this any more.  No more teasing, they’ve made the pledge.  It is time for the turn (and hopefully, the prestige).

3. I want to see Abed do more with film, like we saw in earlier seasons.  I’d also like to see another episode with Abed’s father (and maybe his mother).

4. I want to see Shirley succeed.  I was really sad to learn at the beginning of the season that she lost her family and business.  We saw glimpses of her putting it back together, but I’d like to see her do more.

5. I want to see Jeff teaching and enjoying it.  Again, we got a hint of this, but I want to see Prof. Winger turn out potential lawyers who will use their powers for good instead of evil.

6. I want to see Britta happy on her own or in a healthy relationship.  She is often the punching bag of the group, and her OOC backslide with Jeff was not great.  I sorta understand why Jeff panicked (he was going through a cliche mid-life crisis).  I don’t understand why Britta was right there with him.  Hopefully she’ll get stories next year where she is more than the bumbling buzzkill.

7. I’d like to see Annie tell off her mother, or otherwise confront her.  Naturally, I think this fits very well into an Annie/Jeff sort of story line, because of how they were similarly abandoned by someone who should have loved them unconditionally.

8. I’d like Chang to be more “wild card” (think Charlie from It’s Always Sunny) and less evil.

9. I want to know why Dean Pelton had a wedding ring.

10. I never want to see the Greendale Board members again.


  • "a blast of human emotion could shock the main frame into a cold start". A blast. Not several seconds of looking at different people, but a blast. It would have to have happened the instant he looked at everyone to be a blast that meant the whole group.
  • if they wanted us to…

Who the hell really thinks it wasn’t Annie???


subliminal message: it’s okay to want Annie, Jeff.

5.13 | 3.15

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"I don’t believe in dibs, or love at first sight, or love, or best friends, or doing things, but it’s good you brought this to me” ~ Jeff Winger, S2E15

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I knew someone would do this :)

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Jeff finally letting himself want what he wants.

Let me weep in my silent little corner. Let me.

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look at how the scene was shot and it will clear up any doubts. 

camera angles/shots are NOT arbitrary. NONE of this is arbitrary. 

I’ll say it again, Dan Harmon you magnificent son of a bitch.

omg, I just realized the little computer face also represents the internet/fans going from sad to happy in that moment.