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for the fanfic prompt- jeff and annies first convo after jeffs feeling for her literally light up the room. maybe in jeff's pov, idk.
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Annie is talking to him, but Jeff isn’t hearing anything she’s saying.
What happened earlier with Rachelle had broken his brain, and now it’s stuck between “Oh my god, her hair is so pretty, and I love how her eyes light up when she talks” and freaking out because this time it isn’t something he could drink away and deny. He can’t lie to himself anymore. His feelings for Annie had saved Greendale. His passion for Annie. Those feelings and that passion had a tangible effect on not just his life, not just Annie’s life, but the lives of every single person at Greendale.

Jeff can’t lie to himself about that.

And now he doesn’t know what to do.

So he settles for watching Annie as his brain just buzzes in his ears.

"So?" she asks, her eyebrows shooting up in question.

"Um, yeah. Sounds good," he says, not sure what he’s agreeing to.

Her brow furrows in confusion and frustration. “Were you even listening to me?”

Stupid, cheesy things that he hates run through his head like “my heart is always listening to you” and he kind of wants to lock himself back up in Borchert’s secret wing and just not have to worry about any of this.

"No, sorry, I just…"

Annie eyes drift over to where Britta is dancing with Starburns. “Of course, you’ve got a lot on you mind right now.”

"I’m not marrying Britta!" he blurts out. The force of the confession had hit him in the chest like a freight train and had left his mouth before he could even think about it, like his body needed Annie to know it.

"Oh!" Annie looks surprised. Pleasantly surprised. Pleasant surprise that morphing into a sort of restrained happiness.

"Yeah, you were right," Jeff said. "We were being ridiculous. I think Greendale was closing and we were just… scared."

Her eyes soften in that way that he knows means she sad for him without pitying him. It makes his heart hammer in his chest and he stares at her for a long moment before a calm rushes over him.

"I’m not scared anymore."


what gives you the right…


Jeff/Annie Find A Way (BobbyMcGriffin)

I am cry


I made a video about Annie because I love her!

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(How the Story Ends by Rie Sinclair)

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This is a great scene. I got in what I would call a great fight with Edward Chang - If you’re listening, I’m sorry - but like, there’s a line at the end where he goes “What’s in it for me?” and then Alison comes in and she does the scene and I just wanted Jeff to go like “Hmmm” and take a drink off his Martini. Then there’s this line where he goes “I guess that’s the upside” or something and [we] just [had this] back and forth with the emails “No, we need that line! Because we nee-” and I went like “Oh, why? We won’t know that’s the upside?”, and I kept saying “If you write apple on an apple with magic marker it actually becomes less an apple” - Dan Harmon

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